It's a sad day when Christians, especially leaders, are too busy to serve. I remember a time when people were filled with zeal for the things of God. Now, many serve at will & convenience. But, God is raising up another generation for the work. They are strong, militant, focused, visionaries. We will have to stabilize their roots, but God has their heart. Senior leaders, hold your peace and watch the hand of God! This is the season of preparation for the "next" oil to flow. #ishaodomministries #thisisyourexit #deadworksburning #freshoilflow #weights #distraction ...

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This is the season to produce. #ishaodomministries ...

10 hours ago

If God called you to do something, it's advisable that you spend more time and effort doing it, than convincing others that He called you. #dothework #ishaodomministries #fruit ...

2 days ago

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I taught on the importance of all gifts functioning in the house! #ishaodomministries ...

3 days ago

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đź’ŻLeaders, don't overlook the patterns. When people fall into certain sins, there are common behavior patterns displayed. When they are connecting deeper with the Lord, there is also a pattern. Prayerfully watch for the patterns. #aggression #boldness #defiance #or #creativty #sensitivity #freshoil #ishaodomministries ...

4 days ago

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Isha OdomWhen people are tempted, they avoid.4 days ago   ·  2
Isha OdomWhen they finally fall into sin, the become bitter.4 days ago   ·  2
Isha OdomDeception is always served up to mask the real issue.4 days ago   ·  2
Isha OdomFornicators/Adulterers become very blatant & bold. The reason is hat they crossed that line, so they have no fear. They then begin to challenge Christ, the authenticity of the church, etc.4 days ago   ·  2
Isha OdomPity parties, projection of extreme mental/emotional distress is also a tool.4 days ago   ·  2
Isha OdomThey avoid discerning people and those who will boldly challenge their sin while simultaneously clinging to carnal Christians who offer a listening ear. The carnal is statements like "I can't judge" to justify the avoidance of speaking up for Christ.4 days ago
Isha OdomDisconnection is the choice rather than take the journey back into the Father's arms.4 days ago

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